Why does the Legacy Education Group exist?

Legacy Education Group exists to provide a support network with educational resources for a global community interested in endorsing the advancement of ethical business principles, social action, and educational resources. Our philosophy is to promote ethical practices while raising awareness and proposing solutions to the unique challenges local and global communities encounter.

What resources does Legacy Education Group provide?

We have amassed a library of knowledge about Professional and Career Development, Ethics, Morals, Social Responsibility, Community Development, Business Assessment, Altruism, Environmental Protection, and more. This knowledge bank includes links to external resourceslists of recommended books and publications, and our own original content on these subject areas focused around small and family run businesses.

We also provide multidimensional community support from hands-on projects to resource distribution, in the name of creating a better world for the greater good of all.

How can I share suggestions or contribute to Legacy Education Group’s vision?

Email your ideas, comments, or suggestions to [email protected].

How can I receive regular updates about Legacy Education Group?

Visit us on social media at: