Legacy Education Group Launches To Advance Social Action

The artist Andy Warhol once said, “The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will.” In that vein, and in the spirit of helping guide society towards ethical action, we proudly announce the launch of Legacy Education Group.

Legacy Education Group exists to provide a support network with educational resources for local and global communities interested in endorsing the advancement of ethical business principles, social justice, environmental advocacy, and educational resources. Our philosophy is to promote ethical practices while raising awareness and proposing solutions to the unique challenges local and global communities encounter. The multifaceted approach of Legacy Education Group includes a curated library of educational resources and original content on our partner website, www.EthicalLegacies.org, as well as grassroots community efforts for the purpose of fostering education, altruism, environmentally friendly practices, and legacy development. 

The idea of Legacy Education Group was conceptualized in 2015 by Craig R. Gordon, a 4th generation businessman and philanthropist from Statesville, North Carolina. Legacy Education Group was developed to enhance the moral fiber of the world by promoting transparency, accountability, and morality for communities of all sizes.

By championing ethical practices, Legacy Education Group intends to promote a social and environmental landscape where concepts like Trust, Transparency, Ethics, Morals, and Sustainability, are as important to communities and organizations as profit maximization. Simply put, we believe that we can help strengthen the moral fiber and education of communities everywhere.

Our topics of expertise include social responsibility, community enhancement, environmentalism, and legacy development for fostering a long term positive impact on society, and Earth.


If you would like more information about Legacy Education Group or to schedule an interview with one of our team members, please visit us online at www.LegacyEducationGroup.org, or contact us at: [email protected] / PO BOX 970, Cornelius, NC 28031.

Legacy Education Group Launch Announcement (Press Release PDF) *

North Carolina, United States, March 1, 2023